Duo Shows with Stuart Duncan Start This Weekend

Howdy Folks! 

Noam, here, with some news that will surely change your life.  

Greetings from Nashville, TN, “The Athens of The South.” I’m in town rehearsing with Stuart Duncan, “The Plato of the Fiddle.”  I’m thrilled to announce that we’re launching our new duo project this weekend, visiting the Southeast and Midwest.

I’ve been lucky enough to get Stuart to play on my last two solo records and with that I could die a happy man. He has so masterfully assimilated all of the great fiddle traditions into his own singular style. Stuart has arrived at an utterly breathtaking intersection of finesse and soul. He’s a bonafide acoustic superhero - the fact that he goes on stage not wearing a cape is a little misleading. But it’s time to forgive him for that.

If trios and larger ensembles are just too cluttered for your musical tastes, then this show is for you, as long as you like the fiddle and banjo. Because there is going to be a whole lot of that. But this show won’t be purely instrumental - ticket prices would be much higher if that was the case.  There will be quite a bit of singing. Stuart is a great singer and I’ll be singing as well to provide some harmony vocals and shock value.

If you’re on the fence about this whole fiddle & banjo thing, I’d suggest watching this short infomercial we made during the first round of rehearsal. And for those of you who can’t make it to any of the upcoming shows due to unfortunate geographical circumstances, we’ve just posted full rehearsal videos of “Tallahassee” and “Sad and Lonesome Day.“ Those planning to attend may watch as well.  

Thanks for reading. Hope to see some of y’all soon.