Noam Pikelny & Friends Spring and Summer Dates

Howdy Friends!

Noam, here, with some news that will surely change your life. First and foremost, my sincere apologies for being incommunicado this year; I can only imagine the hurt my silence has inflicted on a daily basis, and wouldn’t be surprised if my electronic absence produced such disillusionment that some of you saw no other option than to resign your email accounts, and in more extreme cases, become Amish.

Sadly, I cannot claim complete innocence. After painstakingly rebuilding this entire email list from memory alone, I vow to keep a more secure backup and admit that a moleskin was not the most sensible method of storing all of your precious contact info, despite the fact that I kept it on my person at all times. I assure you that I’ll be in better touch over the coming few months and not only because I have new solo dates to promote.

What’s that? New solo shows west of the Mississippi? Festival dates?

That’s right folks, I’m proud to announce the second leg of the the Beat The Devil and Carry A Rail album release tour, starting this May in California at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley on the 23rd. I’ll be joined again by fellow Punch Brother Chris “Critter” Eldridge on guitar, and Aoife O'Donovan on vocals who, since our December tour, has been catapulted into sheer stardom. Coincidence? I think not. Luke Bulla, an old musical cohort of mine and currently a member of Lyle Lovett’s Large Band, will be playing fiddle and singing as well. Rounding out the band is Sam Grisman on bass and Dominick Leslie on mandolin, both young turks who I’ve had to abstain from hiring until now due to pesky child labor laws.

We’ve also announced a few dates back on the East Coast in July. In Hoboken, NJ at Maxwell’s and Fairfield, CT at StageOne we will be joined by fiddle maestro Alex Hargreaves, who is featured on the chart topping single “My Mother Thinks I’m a Lawyer” from Beat The Devil and Carry A Rail. Later in July, the only bearded Punch Brother, Gabe Witcher, will return to the fold, his community service theoretically completed in full, for Club Helsinki, Grey Fox Festival in Upstate NY, and RockyGrass in Lyons, CO. Remember, ticket prices would be much higher if we were only planning on playing  strictly instrumental banjo music. Also, any song suggestions, wardrobe advice, haikus, and after-show party invites should be directed to Chris Eldridge, at

Hope to see you-all soon!