And Then There Was One.

Then Three.

And after that Five.

And then maybe back to One again before Five.

Wait, maybe it’s Three first?

Sorry Folks. What I’m trying to communicate is the surely life changing news that I have some solo, Michael Daves Trio, and Punch Brothers shows coming up real soon.

I debuted my one man show this February and since then, no person, state government, or divine power has compelled me to stop. My business folks have told me repeatedly that I shouldn’t over-saturate and that “the people will come to you.” Therefore, my only solo shows this summer will be in San Diego, CA, Portland, OR, Winnipeg, MB & Takarazuka, Japan. Please choose the city closest to you.

If you’re curious/skeptical about my solo show, I’ve posted a few videos from a show in Ohio in February for your immediate review: Kenny Baker - Bill Monroe Medley & Josh Ritter’s “Folk Blood Bath.” Feel free to use the YouTube comments section to let me know which of the four shows you’ll be attending.

My buddy Michael Daves has a new trio, and I’m 1/3 of it (much more by mass). Along with fiddler Brittany Haas, we’ll be playing this Thursday in Philadelphia, and then heading on to Boston and Northampton. Here’s a clip of us playing “June Apple” backstage at the Violence and Orchids album release.

If nothing that I’ve mentioned so far is appealing to you, perhaps you should consider Punch Brothers, a 5-piece band described by the Boston Globe as “arousing.” We’ll be playing all over the world this summer - hope to see you soon.