Universal Favorite

Howdy Folks!

Noam, here, with some news that will surely change your life.

I’m thrilled to announce a new solo album, Universal Favorite, and an album release tour, both coming March 2017.  I’m less thrilled to announce that 42 minutes of music is all I have to show for an entire year of my life.

Finally, I have a record that I can legally refer to as a solo album, as the music on Universal Favorite is performed all by my lonesome, without any band or accompaniment. The album is a collection of new music of mine paired with some songs that other people crafted that were never properly performed or recorded. Until now. On Universal Favorite, I play banjo. I sing. I play flat-top guitar, telecaster, and some other oddball instruments. And no, that’s not a typo- I do, in fact, sing on this record. My fellow Punch Brother, Gabe Witcher, produced the record and assured me, soon after we agreed on his fee, that my singing is now safe for public consumption, thanks to my hard work and the nearly complete demonetization of the recorded music industry.

Pre-order details will be announced after the holidays. In the meantime, if you’d like a sneak peek, you can stream the first track off the record, “Waveland,” right here. As of writing, YouTube comments have yet to be disabled.

If you’re hell bent on spending money towards my well-being in the near term, I’d suggest buying tickets to one of the many tour dates on the tour page. Most tickets go on sale this Friday, December 9th.

I’m proud to say that Universal Favorite will be my debut release on Rounder Records, an institution that has had an impact on my life on par with the Chicago Cubs, my parents, and British Knights sneakers. I’d wager that I wouldn’t be making a living playing music if it weren’t for the music propagated by Rounder over the last 36 years. So I think it’s proper that they now share some of the risk.



(Photo credit: Justin Camerer)